Feburary Events In Japan


Must-know 2 most popular events. Easy to remember, Feb 3 & 14 only and get roasted soybeans & chocolate!

< Setsubun | February 3 >

節分 setsubun, see this kanji. 節(setsu) means term/section/block and 分(bun) means divide. This is the end of winter in old Japanese calendar. We throw soybeans to ward off demons(called ONI), saying ” Oni wa soto! Huku wa uchi (demon is outside! Good luck is inside!)” After that, eat the soybeans of age+1 pieces. It’s too funny but true.

For food, we usually have 恵方巻( ehoumaki)(ehou= fortune direction/maki= rolls).This is a kind of sushi rolls which has 7 ingredients- imitate 7 gods -inside. Be careful when you eat; 1. See fortune direction of the year (2022: north-north-west) 2.Do not talk nor stop eating, not to let your luck go away from your mouth. It’s too funny but still true.

At Least, try to eat age+1 pieces of roasted soybeans on Feb 3!(Will be full)

In the photo: rotate right from the top – ehoumaki/ demon mask/ soybeans/ fish head as talisman

< Valentine day | February 14 >

Known as “chocolate day”, not St. Valentine’s day. Usually females send chocolate to males. There exists “Honmei(true/absolutely)-choco” for sweethearts , “Giri(courtesy/obligatory)-choco” for classmates/colleagues. Recently, girls make chocolate to give “Tomo(friend)-choco” each other and adults buy expensive-gemmy chocolate at department store fairs(French/ Belgian chocolatier’s) for their own. Single men also long for chocolate( sad to receive no chocolate).

We see so many chocolate flavors when Feb 14 is getting closer. You, as a Japanese, should join this choco-fever. You can make chocolate truffles or cakes or just buy a chocolate bar for the day!

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